Hunting Checklist

The weather from end of March to September in South Africa is usually cool in the early mornings and late evenings with really pleasant midday temperatures thus we suggest you bring light gloves, a medium jacket, warm socks and comfortable boots.
Note that laundry services are generally available on demand, so it is advisable to travel light. Ensure that your footwear is light, comfortable, soft and well broken in. The following packing list provides a basic outline for your Hunt:

1. Passport

2. Airline ticket

3. Proof of ownership / registration rifle/s

4. Rifle and Ammunition

5. Travel / health insurance documents

6. Personal medication

7. US or Canadian temporary export documents for rifles

8. Completed (in black ink but not signed) South African Police Temporary Firearm Import documents SAP 520. (We can provide the application forms)

9. Hunting knife (optional because your guide will have one)

10. Sunscreen

11. Sunglasses

12. Hat / Cap

13. Light gloves

14. Malaria tablets if applicable (not nessacerray in Eastern Cape)

15. Digital Camera battery charger and memory cards. Southern Africa uses 220 volt wall outlets so you may need a step up transformer for your chargers etc. and the necessary adapters. Plug in shavers will work same as everywhere else in the world)

16. Binoculars (medium sized 8×40 – 10×42 or similar should be adequate)

17. Casual clothes and running shoes for everyday wear

18. Sandals for warm days optional

19. Hunting/hiking boots (comfortable worn-in light leather or canvas, not heavy winter lined)

20. Hunting clothes, loose fitting, sturdy, dark khaki or olive drab coloured clothing works fine. Any camo clothing is allowed where we hunt

21. A pillowcase to keep dirty laundry in your suitcase is handy

22. Credit card, ATM card and traveller’s cheques

23. A light windbreaker/jacket/sweater, mornings and evenings can be cool

24. Socks

25. Extra Belt

26. Sleepwear

27. Personal Toiletries

Currently, USA and Canada citizens do not need a visa for South Africa. Please check the latest regulations with your travel agent. You will not require a rain suit of any kind. The chances of encountering any rain are slim to none.
It is advisable to take a small backpack for hand luggage (because it leaves both hand free to present passports and plane tickets etc.) with a fresh change of clothes and basic toiletries. Keeping your wallet, passport, plane ticket, insurance doc’s and a list of contact numbers in a fanny pack allows safe and easy access.